More professional: 14 patents
More efficient: Approximately doubled production efficiency (120,000 PCS/day for the 1,000ml lunch box)
Safer: The “framework” structural design
More simplified: The modular process manufacturing
Patent product
Machine372X2,4+4(8 cavities)400 batches of
meal boxes (1000 ml) can be produced everyday.
(300 pcs / carton).
Normal product
Machine 372X1,4 cavities,250 batches of meal
boxes (1000 ml) can be produced everyday
(300 pcs /carton).
The innovative oblique injection molding machine independently developed by WEIDA
With "framework "structural design, modular manufacture and introduced multi-power fluid servo technology, the innovative oblique injection molding machine independently developed by WEIDA under the asymmetry technology concept has achieved functions of three-mechanism synchronous movement and action stack, and nearly doubled production efficiency without prejudice to quality and energy conservation. It has obtained 14 patents for inventions and utility models.
Invention patent product: 201510408066.9 201510409484.X 201510408058.4 201510410199.X 201520503172.0 201520504801.1 201520503173.5 201520504790.7 201520503206.6 201520504258.5 201520504803.0 201520504260.2 201520504805.X 201530250273.7

Intelligent Water Cooling Control System

This project is equipped with an intelligent water cooling control system, which exploits the data acquisition of chiller unit and water supply system, including the outlet, return water temperature, historical faults of the chiller unit, and the pressure, flow rate, water temperature and other necessary information of cooling water from the pipeline, to carry out the data collection and analysis at the centralized control system, allowing for the constant control of pressure, flow rate and temperature of cooling water at the output end. Furthermore, we can assure that different quantity of uptime machines, or changes of ambient temperature will not affect the cooling environment of mould, thus improving the WIP stability, production efficiency and energy loss. In the second stage, we can incorporate the machine cooling control integrated system into the same integrated system, making it possible for linking the relevant data with business ERP through acquisition, analysis and control of the terminal data, and underlining the smart factory integration. The diagram of the system installation is as follows:

Sustainable development

As a responsible enterprise, we fulfill our low carbon environment protection mission. We encourage our employees to actively participate into such efforts.
It fulfills sustainable management.
Our strategy is to fulfill maximum ecological benefits during various stages of business management. We measure business units and individual environmental performance. We foster an enterprise culture with sustainable management.
We bring about a more clean production.
We positively apply the production craft & technology with a more clean production cycle, including reduction of raw material and discards. Meanwhile we demand our cooperation partners to do the same.
Green Purchase
We are leading figures of green purchase mode with high purchase efficiency, e.g. building materials; lighting equipment, computer with repeatable use etc.


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